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Document Translation

NAATI Accredited translation of business documents, legal contracts, financial reports, birth certificates, transcripts - basically anything really!

Marketing Translation

Make your message count! Our marketing translators specialise in localisation of website copy, brochures, subtitles, business cards and much more!

Chinese Branding

Handcrafted Chinese business name and unique typography selection to match your brand's values and personality.

China Market Strategy

Not quite sure where to start with marketing and branding to the Chinese market? - book a consultation with our marketing strategist!
Accurate and Reliable

Translation isn't easy - especially not in Chinese.

There is a lot of room for error when translating important messages between languages and cultures. Our translations are 100% human translations by accredited professionals - supported by the latest technology to increase efficiency and consistency.
The Human Touch
All translations are produced by real people - not machines.
Professionally Certified
All our translators are certified with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).
We create translations that are accurate in meaning - yet expressed in authentic Chinese, appropriate to your target audience.
Intelligent Software
We rely on the latest translation software to enhance translator efficiency and ensure consistency of terminology.
We can provide all translations with identical typesetting and formatting as the original document, including: MS Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Indesign, Illustrator, JPEG - and many more file types!
Reliable Service
Our project coordinators maintain open communication with you throughout the project and proofread all translations to ensure the highest quality.
Strong customer satisfaction

Here's what our clients think...

3mandarins took the time to understand the unique translation requirements of my project, and then fulfilled over and above the brief.

Sandy Holmes

I was thrilled with the final product; an essential component of a VIP tour for senior Chinese government officials.

NSW Parks

3mandarins is a local, values-driven organisation with excellent quality control of its translations.

G8 University

My bilingual colleagues were highly impressed at how accurately 3mandarins conveyed complex concepts.

NSW Parks

Friendly, accessible and always helpful.

HSI – Human Systems International

Very efficient!

RAW Strategy Pty Ltd

Review of my collateral to understand me and my business and then determination of appropriate personal and business names.

Peter Black Coaching

Quick, efficient, good communication.

HQ Electrical Australia

Knowledgeable, reliable, value for money

Think Global Consulting
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