Chinese New Year Greetings for 2021

January 28, 2021by admin

For the majority of Chinese people, Chinese New Year (or the Lunar New Year) is the single most important celebration of the year. Sending a Chinese New Year greeting is a wonderful way to show your Chinese customers and business partners that you are thinking about them at this very special time.

To help you give that more personal touch and make a deeper impression, 3mandarins has prepared a few customisable email templates that we invite you to use.


Template 1 – Mailout/WeChat to customers

2020是前所未有的一年,我们精进前行,以诚当先。感谢您在这一年的关注与信任,您宝贵的支持是我们不可或缺的力量。牛年将至,(insert your company’s name)祝您万事顺意,阖家幸福,健康平安!

English Translation: 2020 was a year like no other, but we continued to be productive and pressed on earnestly! We thank you for your concern and trust throughout the year. We truly couldn’t have made it through without the tremendous support of our customers. So as we approach the Year of the Ox, (insert your company’s name) would like to wish you every success, along with a happy family, good health and peace for the new year!


Template 2 – Mailout/WeChat to business partners 

2020年,我们不惧挑战,以充沛的韧性,合作共赢,携手扬帆。如今年关将至,新春新气象,(insert your company’s name)祝福贵司在新的一年里事业蒸蒸日上,牛年大旺!祝福贵司同事及家人幸福安康!

English Translation: We faced up to the challenge of 2020 and with an abundance of courage we worked together hand in hand. As this year comes to a close, the new year brings new beginnings. (insert your company’s name) wishes you greater success with each passing day and may you prosper in the Year of the Ox!  Finally, we wish all your team and their families happiness and good health!


Template 3 – Mailout/WeChat to friends 

年关将至,又到了万家团圆的时刻,四海八方汇聚浓浓情意,千言万语不及温暖心意。春来回暖之际,(insert your company’s name)祝福您和您的家人万事顺意,牛年大吉,平平安安,幸福美满!

English Translation: As this year comes to a close, at last it is the time to be reunited with family. Those from all corners of the globe gather together and there’s so much love and affection – a warmth that cannot be expressed with words. As the warmth of spring returns, (insert your company’s name) wishes you and your family every success. May you have good fortune in the Year of the Ox, with an abundance of peace and much happiness.


Oxen are known for strength, dependability, and patience, which we’ll need a lot of this year! Wishing you a prosperous 2021!

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