About UsWhat makes us so passionate?

At 3mandarins, we are passionate about connecting people - regardless of culture or language!

Our Mission

To equip Australian businesses to meaningfully engage with China.

Message from the Founder

In 2015, I founded 3mandarins on the belief that for Australian businesses and organisations to thrive in the Asian Century, they need to have meaningful engagement with their customers. Now with the events of 2020 and bilateral relations with China at their lowest point, this message is truer than ever.

For the Australian private and public sector to maintain sustained, mutually beneficial cooperation with China, we must focus on developing a holistic relationship. Organisation can no longer afford to be merely transaction focussed, rather they must invest in developing a meaningful relationship with their customers and business partners.

Meaningful engagement starts with understanding your customers and business partners – how do they like to do business? What product offerings excite them? What’s more, it’s vital that organisations position themselves in such a way that their brand resonates with Asian consumers – have a story to tell and creatively communicate this to your target demographics.

Finally, it’s about speaking the customer’s language. With over 1.3 million Chinese-speakers – organisations that don’t communicate to their customers in Chinese will be left behind. At 3mandarins, we are passionate about partnering with Australian businesses, to equip them to meaningfully engage. I invite you to explore our website and speak with a consultant to discover how we can help your organisation!


Founder & DirectorGreg Mikkelsen

Translator | Solicitor | China Strategist | Educator

We're Trusted By Leading Australian Companies

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Our range of services

Explore how we can help equip your organisation!

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