China Market Strategy

Unsure of your strategic direction for the China market?

General Market Strategy

Is your business wanting to engage more meaningfully with your existing Chinese customer base or are you wanting to expand into the Chinese market? You might be feeling a little overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start. We can provide you with expert advice to:

  • Understand what options are available to you
  • Make strategic decisions with confidence
  • Reduce the associated marketing costs
  • Connect with trusted specialist agencies and service providers

Brand Strategy

Whether you’re selling to Chinese customers in Australia or if you’re exporting a product to China, we can help you develop an identity for your brand. We focus on creating brands that have long-term influence on Chinese consumers and we do this by strategically crafting branding messages that resonate with your specific target market.

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Website Strategy

Any business wanting to engage with the Chinese market, must consider having a Chinese language website. Depending on your business type and customer demographic, it may be as simple as adding some Chinese pages to your existing website. For other businesses, you may want to consider a full or partial website translation.

Website translation can be streamlined with the aid of machine translation apps/plugins, however, all machine translations need to be edited by human translators to ensure accuracy and authenticity. There are a range of options on the market and we can help you to find out what options are compatible with your existing website.

Social Media Strategy

We develop social media strategies for Australian companies to engage with their Chinese customers. More than 80% of internet users in China access the internet from a mobile device and many are very active on social media. The potential reach that your brand can achieve through social media is unrivalled by any other marketing channel. The catch is it can be quite difficult for western brands to establish a strong online presence on Chinese social media. Due to the censorship restrictions in China, many western social media platforms are not used by Chinese people because they cannot be accessed in Mainland China. However social media is certainly alive and well in China with WeChat, TikTok and Youku being some of the most popular platforms.

Australian businesses in the Tourism, hospitality, e-commerce and property industries can all realise a huge growth in sales to Chinese customers by adopting a social media strategy. Chinese consumers will often turn to social media when planning a holiday, looking to buy overseas premium products or researching buying property in Australia. So it makes sense to position yourself where your customers are looking.

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